California Fights Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse has become a serious problem in the U.S. and California is leading the way in putting this to a stop. Most people do not realize how much of a problem prescription drug abuse has really become. Our lives are busy and
no one wants to complicate theirs by thinking about something that does not directly affect them.

Many teens abuse prescription drugs from the family medicine cabinet

A person addicted to prescription drugs did not intend to get that way. Sure, they started out following the doctor’s orders, but when the pain came back earlier or the anxiety just would not go away, it was too easy to take another pill. These people would tell themselves that it would get better tomorrow while in reality they compounded their problems by taking more pills and depending on an artificial crutch to get them through the day, the week, and even the month.

Eventually, people who abuse prescription drugs have to get more pills from their doctor or from another doctor. The situation can escalate as their body develops a tolerance for the drugs they’re abusing. California has recognized this as a vital facet of the war on prescription drugs. They have introduced new legislation to have coroners statewide report all prescription-related deaths. The intention here is to begin a paper trail that leads to the doctors who are willing to put pills in addicts’ hands.

Not all addicts get their drugs from doctors. They may purchase them from friends, steal them from family, or as is the case with teenagers who abuse prescription drugs, they may just find them in their parents’ or grandparents’ medicine cabinets.
Therefore, it is important to get rid of all prescriptions you are no longer using and to put all prescriptions that you need to use in a safe and secure place. It is also important to encourage anyone you know who show signs of this terrible problem to seek treatment.

Some addictions, such as those to painkillers, can be dangerous to quit cold turkey. Thankfully, many drug treatment centers that previously specialized in alcohol and “hard” drugs, now also treat prescription drug abuse. It is even possible to find treatment centers that will work with your health insurance provider to give you quality care.

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