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Addiction Treatment Under AHCA

Five hundred thousand Americans have died from opioid addiction in the last 15 years According the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The amount of deaths is four times that of the previous fifteen years. This an American crisis of addiction to opioids and the problem is only getting worse.  Because of this increase […]

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An Inside Look at Prescription Drug Abuse

The economic conditions over the past few years have caused a high level of financial and emotional stress for millions of people. In order to cope with this increased level of stress, many people have self medicated with alcohol and prescription drugs. Although adult alcohol abuse has been a common problem in this country for […]

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Editorial – Doctor’s Roles in Prescription Drug Addiction

Everyone knows that heroin, coke, meth and other street drugs are dangerous and potentially-fatal. But what about prescription drugs? To the average person, prescription drugs tend to be overlooked as a major danger because they are both legal and approved by doctors. But what happens when doctors, influenced by greed, or celebrity or power, allow […]

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