New Drugs Same Old Problem – OxyNEO Zohydro Oxecta Etc


There is a lot of controversy brewing about the new drugs that are coming to market.

“Tamper Proof” OxyContin

An example is “harder to abuse” drugs: like OxyNEO. The question is, how “hard to abuse” are they? There are critics who point out that the drug’s manufacturer Purdue Pharma doesn’t make that claim in official documents. Additionally

“The terms ‘tamper-proof’ and ‘break-proof’ are not claims which have been approved by Health Canada,” admits Randy Steffan who is vice president of corporate affairs at Purdue Pharma.

Pfizer has joined the “profit (off of addictive drugs) party” with its Oxecta drug, which is made from the highly addictive ingredient in OxyContin called oxycodone. It is purported to be difficult to

“Pure” Hydrocodone (or Vicodin)

In a move that baffles the sense of corporate responsibility, there are multiple drug manufacturers planning
to release a form of Vicodin that is made up of pure hydrocodone (the addictive painkiller ingredient in Vicodin). Zohydro is one name for the drug, and there are multiple entities that are bringing this drug to market.

Big Profits, But Also the Potential For Big Punishments

The reality is that people are up in arms over these drugs and the companies that bring them to market. As more and more families mobilize, there is more ‘heat’ than ever on the companies that profit from
bringing such destructive drugs to market. Purdue Pharma executives have been charged with misleading the public and marketing the drug OxyContin unethically. While their sentences (converted to probation and fines) might not be commensurate with the crime, you can be sure that the precedent has been set that executives in big pharma are not immune to criminal prosecution.

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