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Oxycontin Patent Expiring in Canada. Now What?

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In Canada, just like the United States, there is an addiction epidemic currently being fought by communities and the government. Lawsuits against drug makers are also underway. Purdue Pharma, the original manufacturer of Oxycontin, is largely blamed for the opioid epidemic. Their patent in Canada is expiring, leaving the market open to cheaper, generic versions […]

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Canadian Coroner Offers Words of Warning about OxyNEO

A recent article from CBC News out of Canada caught our eye and we wanted to share. A coroner has made a statement to health care professionals in Canada warning them that OxyContin replacement drugs (like OxyNEO) are still very dangerous and increased caution should be used in prescribing them. His statement comes as a […]

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New Drugs Same Old Problem – OxyNEO Zohydro Oxecta Etc

There is a lot of controversy brewing about the new drugs that are coming to market. “Tamper Proof” OxyContin An example is “harder to abuse” drugs: like OxyNEO. The question is, how “hard to abuse” are they? There are critics who point out that the drug’s manufacturer Purdue Pharma doesn’t make that claim in official […]

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Canada Takes Desperate Action Against OxyContin Addiction

The government of Canada is taking strong measures to stem the tide of OxyContin abuse. At the end of this month, the pharmaceutical company that produces OxyContin will no longer be allowed to manufacture and market the drug in Canada. Under government pressure, Purdue Pharma Canada is replacing OxyContin with a new formulation called OxyNEO. […]

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Dedicated to OxyNEO Drug Awareness

OxyNEO Drug Rehab is here to bring awareness to the phenomenon of prescription drug addiction and overdose. We are a group of addictions industry professionals who feel that the spectre of OxyContin will not be alleviated by the new formulation called OxyNEO.  Purdue Pharma has already released a “tamper proof” version of the drug OxyContin […]

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